"I am a real estate and legal professional and Karen has staged several houses for my clients. Unlike many other stagers, she gets her hands dirty. She actually helps to move furniture and accessories around and does things with spaces I never thought possible. And she has a natural gift for color and design. If you're selling your house in the central Maryland area and need a stager, this should be your professional of choice."

J. Shiller


I hired Karen of Staging Solutions to update and stage my home which I was selling. The entire interior (over 3,000 sq ft) and exterior had not been painted, no fixtures had been replaced and the bathrooms had not been updated for years. (Picture a SHINY gold 1970's bathroom.) The first thing I noticed was how excited Karen was to work on the project and how quickly she saw all the best features of the house and started coming up with ideas of how they could be emphasized. I especially liked how she started the project by asking me what my goals were and then asked me how I felt about what she was envisioning after she was able to look around. Because of the paint colors she chose for the entire house (from exterior brick work down to kitchen cupboards), the way she used our own artwork and furniture and her artistic placement of every single item (down to books and candles and other family knickknacks) she created a house that looked modern and visually cohesive. We sold our house in 8 days and I know the work she did was a key part in that. I had friends who had seen the house before Karen's improvements and then after who said, "The house looks gorgeous! Sure it will go super quick." And- "The house looks AMAZING! I love the colors you chose." Another: "It is staged beautifully Jackie." I absolutely recommend Karen for your project. She is wonderful to work with and her results are beautiful.

Jackie Austin



"Energetic, bright and full of great staging ideas at a minimal cost. Karen is extremely helpful to my clients and the results are fabulous. Karen is great to work with."

George Brookhart



I have found Karen's recommendations to my clients over the years to be "spot on!" Every home that she has done for me where the client follows her recommendations has sold quickly. I had one situation where I tried for weeks to get her into a listing that was going no where. After some firm persuasion on my part, Karen came in, told them what to do and not to do and they listened. I re-activated the house at the same price and in 10 days had TONS of showings, feedback that was highly complimentary as too condition and a full price contract. Can't ask for more than that!

Scott O. Miller



"As a realtor for over 13 years I was hesitant to hire a staging company. I was referred to Karen by an associate. After meeting with her I decided to give her a try. It was the best decision I made and I will not list another home without Staging Solutions going out there first."

Jay Fischetti
Keller Williams Select Realtors
Columbia, MD



"Staging Solutions is our exclusive vendor of choice for home staging. Karen came highly recommended to us by our friends at Pulte Homes. Karen is fabulous! She has a talent for creating “the wow effect” from the most meager resources. She can turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse. Our buyers love Karen! She is reliable, friendly and very professional. In today's market, if you want to get a home sold, you need Karen Lawlor."

Earl Robinson
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Ryland Homes



"My property was on the market for 79 days before it went under contract. I got 1 offer for 96.8% of the purchase price. The 3rd quarter average for that area was 95.2%. The house was listed at 249,900 and is under contract for 242,000. While the house was listed, the consistent comment was how well it showed. Every agent mentioned they loved the staging job. The selling agent mentioned that the staging set the house apart from the competition in that market. Thanks Karen for all of your help. I really appreciate your help from the color scheme, the furniture choice, right down to the little knick knacks. Your special touch and dedication really showed. I look forward to working with you again."

Steve Thomas
Keller Williams Realty
(410) 340-0646



Thank you for all of your help in preparing my home for sale. My home was listed for about 7 days and we had an offer! I believe your assistance in opening up the space was a large part of the home selling so quickly. Thank you again.

Christina Pettit
Columbia, MD



I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in staging our home so it looked more attractive to buyers. My property was on the market for 5 months before you staged it, and we had 2 contracts within 30 days after you staged it. I am very excited and just wanted to say that without your help I don’t believe we would have been able to move into our new Ryland home. We both truly appreciate everything you have done for us.
 Melissa & Greg Mumma
 Glen Burnie, MD




My clients are ecstatically happy with what you did with their home. I am singing your praises to all the agents at KW - Millersville and beyond.

Beverly Gordon
Keller Williams Realty Flagship of Maryland



"The home staging was a pleasant experience. You were very knowledgeable and have creative ideas. You were a great help and I will gladly recommend you to others."

Mariane Hays
Frederick, MD




I wanted to let you know that after being on the market for 6 months, we sold our home 6 days after you staged it, and we are now in our new Pulte home! We had so many comments made on the way you staged our home. We would have never thought to do those things. Thank you so much for your efforts. We thought our home looked really cool after the staging and you did a great job!

Bud & Judy Haddaway
Easton, MD



"Oh my goodness what you did was awesome. I know that was a lot of work. That was the best money I ever spent. There was no way I could have told her what to do. I just don’t want to see things sit on the market."

Margaret Melvin
Keller Williams Select Realtors
Columbia, MD




I felt that you were very knowledgeable about home staging was very pleased at how open you were to my suggestions. I’m sure my home will sell faster due to the home staging efforts.
(Home sold in 6 days after staging.)

Jane Johnson
Laurel, MD




The home staging experience was amazing! I may never have “little collectibles” again. This process will be helpful in setting up my new home. You are a lovely person and I enjoyed having you in my home. Thank you very much for this awakening experience.

Shirley Shmelyun
Westminster, MD



Hi Karen,

Wanted to let you know that after you staged my home, I had three offers in 6 days! I accepted one offer last night which was exactly one week after my home went on the multiple listings.

Thanks a million! You are awesome.

Linda Bartkowski &  Bonnie Rupprecht


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